Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Marisa Morones


This first week of the semester, I met Marisa and Sydnie, respectively.  However, I engaged in a conversation with Marisa.  The beginning of the conversation was mostly about clarifying questions about the syllabus and comparing our interpretations of the syllabus to see if we understood the same thing.  For example, I explained to her when each assignment was due after she asked me if I understood the due dates.

After clarification of the syllabus, Marissa and I held a casual conversation.  We talked about simple things, such as where we were from, what year of college we were in, and what our majors were.  I learned that Marisa is in her third year of college, but was only in her second year at CSULB.  I also learned that she is majoring in exercise science and is planning on working in a rehabilitation center after graduating.  Additionally, Marisa informed me that she grew up and lives on Catalina Island; as a matter of fact, she takes the ferry back to Catalina every weekend to go to work.

It was very interesting to converse with Marisa and learn a little bit about her.  It was also helpful because we were able to clear up questions we had about the syllabus and have a better overall understanding of our weekly assignments.


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