Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

The first project for Art 110 was a plaster casting project.  Personally, I have very little artistic experience besides stick men drawings and coloring.  Therefore, actually creating a piece of art without a piece a paper and colored pencils was completely new to me.  However, I embraced the situation and ended up having a great experience.

I had never used plaster for anything other than repairs in the walls around the house.  As one could imagine, I had never made a mold of something and filled it with plaster either.  But I put that out of my mind and got to work.  After obtaining my materials from Home Depot, Daiso, and Seal Beach, I gathered my materials into my garage, turned on some music, and set about creating my art piece.  I dug the hole in the bucket of sand for my arm, created the mold of my arm, and proceeded to mix the plaster while adding small amounts of water at a time.  After mixing the plaster, I used a funnel to pour the plaster into the mold.  I then allowed the cast to dry for about forty-five minutes.  At the end of the forty-five minute wait, I carefully dug out the cast, brushed off whatever sand I could, and marveled at my creation.

I found the process of creating a plaster cast much easier than I had anticipated; in fact, the most difficult task, in my opinion, was acquiring the materials.  But overall, I found that I really enjoyed doing this project.  While I was doing the plaster cast, I was extremely relaxed and I even temporarily forgot about the stress of my other classes.  After doing this project, I might take up plaster casting as a hobby to do when I have some free time to relieve some stress, get lost in my music, and forget about the world for a little bit.


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