Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscape With A Corpse

“Landscape with a Corpse” was the second project and it involved photography.  While I do have experience using a standard camera, I did not have any previous experience creating a scene with a theme to photograph, much less a theme revolving around death.  So before I started photographing anything, I began my project by thinking of any idea.

While the thought of death and the many ways death can occur is often unpleasant, I racked my brain for different ideas and scenarios that would induce death.  However, that process yielded a flood of unnecessary thoughts and stress, so I elected to focus on a story that would help me create an idea.  After playing out various story lines in my head, I settled for one of a man who loses the only woman who ever truly captured his heart in a fatal street racing accident.  After a long recovery process, the man turned to alcohol in a futile attempt to suppress the memory of the woman who once evoked feelings of love from him.  He eventually sold all his possessions and left the city; however, after a few years of attempting to evade his endless sorrow, he returned to the beach where they had watched so many sunsets together.  That afternoon, he decided to drink until the sun set over the horizon and the sky and his vision turned black.

Thinking of this idea was a very somber process; in fact, after explaining my story to the friend who I had asked to photograph me, the mood was very gloomy and almost depressing.  But despite its grave ending, the scenario I had thought of also gave me my idea on how to set up the photographs.  I gathered up some empty bottles, put on sweats and old clothes, and headed to the beach.  The easiest part of the project was positioning myself for the photo and setting up the props; contrarily, I found the most difficult part of the project to be finding a decent spot on the beach and deciding on the photo angle.  But after finding a good spot on the beach, I simply asked my friend to take a lot of pictures from various camera angles and I would choose the photos I liked later.

While this project required less physical work, it was much more mentally and emotionally demanding.  To tell the truth, taking the photographs was much easier than creating the idea for the photos.  However, despite its grave creative process, I felt that this project was much more enlightening.  I took this project as a reality check; it reminded me that nothing is forever and how precious every moment of our life really is.  We, as individuals, need to appreciate each day that we wake up and get to experience life, no matter what our situation is; additionally, we need to always take the opportunity to express our love to the people closest to us and remind them how much they mean to us.  Overall, I feel that I had a very positive experience with this project, and I thoroughly enjoyed this activity.  The thought of death is a necessary part of the human mentality in order to appreciate all that life has to offer.  After doing this project, I may end up taking similar photographs more often to remind myself and others how beautiful life really is.


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