WK2 – Classmate Conversation – Gabriella Salazar

Placeholder ImageThis week was much more social than last week.  This week, we held small in-class discussions about our art projects with three different classmates.  I decided to hold a conversation with Gabby, who was the third and final person I discussed my art project with.  However, before we began our conversation, we both took some time to finish drawing our ID cards.

After putting the finishing touches on the ID cards, Gabby and I held a small conversation about topics such as what our majors were, what our professional goals were, and what our favorite TV shows were.  I learned that Gabby is originally from Bakersfield; in fact, she began her college career at CSU Bakersfield.  She then transferred to a community college, and is now living in Downtown Long Beach and attending CSULB.  And although she is not currently working, she works as a thrifter/reseller.  Gabby also informed me that she is a senior and is majoring in Political Science.  She plans to work in defense contracting or as a private investigator after graduating.  I also learned that Gabby’s favorite color is turquoise, although she also has a preference for black.  Additionally, Gabby’s favorite TV show style are shows that are set in historical time periods.  Gabby also has a motto that she lives by that I found very interesting: “Beauty is an accident of nature that will soon pass away”.

The conversation I had with Gabby was very engaging.  She is a very joyful and high-spirited person who has a never-ending list of conversation topics.  It is unfortunate that we did not have enough time to hold a longer conversation.



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