Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Garrett Ramirez


This week, we met outside the School of Art Galleries for both our Artist Conversation and our Classmate Conversation, which I thought provided a great opportunity to converse with fellow classmates.  This week, I held a conversation with Garrett after we had taken some notes for our Artist Conversation essay.

After writing down/typing the last words of our notes, Garrett and I moved away from the crowd of people writing notes outside the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery.  We then held a conversation regarding our majors and our work lives.  I learned that Garrett was born, raised, and lives in Wilmington and that he is Mexican.  He informed me that after he spent his first semester at CSULB as an art major, he changed his mind and changed his major.  He is now in his last semester and will graduate with a degree in Communication.  I also learned that Garrett works as a pool technician in Palos Verdes.

The conversation I had with Garrett was very laid back and relaxed.  He is a very easygoing person who enjoys joking around and talking about anything.



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