Wk 4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package (ACP)

I initially thought that creating this Art Care Package was going to be very simple and straightforward.  But I ran into my first problem when I could not decide who to create it for.  I was deciding between family and friends, but I eventually settled on creating it for my eighteen year old sister.  She is going off to college next year so I decided to create one that I could send her at a later time.  But as I gathered old movie tickets, parking permits, and a postcard from our trip up to the University of Oregon, it really hit me that she would be gone in six months.  As I began to put everything together, I could not help but start to reminisce on all the time that we had spent together.  While the thought of her leaving saddened me, I could not help but feel a sense of pride and happiness that she would finally be going out into the world to live her life.  Thus, when she chooses where she will be attending college in the fall, I will be sure to get the address of the university so that I can send it to her.  Overall, I had a good experience creating this Art Care Package.  Although it seemed much simpler than the previous project, I put more time into this one because it had a more personal aspect to it.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed this project, and it reminded me to cherish every moment I have left with my little sister.

Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending them a SnapChat in that both contain an object or item that reminds you of that individual.  On the other hand, sending someone a SnapChat is usually meant to evoke laughter and can also be used to start a conversation while sending an ACP is much more emotional and is more about the content of the package rather than the gesture.  Also, I believe that ephemera is much more precious than we initially think.  Although it may seem worthless now, items such as parking permits or tickets to a concert gain in sentimental value and eventually become a timeless memory for that individual.  Additionally, I think that the art seen by many in museums and art galleries is no different from the art that is seen by very few, as in the case of an ACP because art in is the eye of the beholder, no matter how many people see it.  Furthermore, I believe that the time and effort put into creating an ACP gives it much more emotional and sentimental value than a SnapChat.  However, there are benefits to both quick and slow methods.  For example, the slow method allows more thought to go into the creation, value and overall message of the package being sent.  But being able to send quick messages allows for better efficiency and allows for more constant communication between the individuals sending the messages.  Nevertheless, I do believe there is a difference in the communication of love being sent between an ACP and a SnapChat.  When sending a SnapChat, I believe it is an informal way of expressing love and communicating to the other individual that you are thinking of them at the moment.  Contrarily, the time, effort, and dedication it takes to send an ACP takes on a deeper meaning.  Sending an ACP is usually an expression of deep love and longing for the other individual, and usually conveys the message that you are constantly thinking about them and that you cherish the memories you have with them.


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