Wk 6 – Art Experience – Zines and Flipbooks

Before I began this project, I had to figure out one thing: what is a zine?  Upon doing a little research on Google, I discovered that it is simply a small, handmade, self-published magazine.  After learning this, I thought to myself, “Well, this should not be too bad then.”  I could not have been more wrong.  I spent quite a while simply thinking about how many pages I wanted to have in my zine.  After determining the number of pages, I then had to figure out the most important aspect of the project: what was going to be my topic?  Following another chunk of time and countless ideas (and periods of blank thoughts), I finally found inspiration when I thought about my own college experience.  I decided it would be humorous to create a sort of guide to life in college, at least from an academic standpoint.  Although it is slightly exaggerated, I thought it conveyed the realities of college life, not simply what is seen through the media or heard from those who have already completed it.

Overall, I had fun creating this zine.  It was very entertaining and turned out to be a great way to express yourself and pass a little bit of time.  Although I am artistically challenged, I tried my best with the drawings and was pretty pleased with my work.  If I ever have the time to create another zine, I would like to try and use images from the computer.  Additionally, I would like to use slightly larger pages to fit more writings, and I would like to center all of my work to create a more uniform and professional look.


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