Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Carmina Correa

“Must Destroy, Wow”

Carmina Correa


25″ x 20″ (Estimate)


CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

As dawn broke over the City of Angels, the daily routine of millions of people began as usual: wake up, shower, grab a bite to eat, leave for work/school.  But on this day in particular, the Great Scientist Reginald woke up to find a parking ticket on his windshield.  Upon finding the parking ticket, the Great Scientist Reginald let out a scream in anger and vowed to wage war against the parking enforcement.  He then stormed into his house and called for his loyal woofer, Doge.  As Doge strolled into the room, the Great Scientist Reginald grabbed a sample Hulk serum that he had been experimenting with in his lab and gently grabbed Doge.  He hugged him and whispered in his ear, ” Today, Doge, we wage war against those damn parking enforcement officers.”  The Great Scientist Reginald then injected Doge with the experimental Hulk serum and put on his leash to take him for a walk.  Outside, Doge went about his normal business, urinating and defecating as he saw fit.  However, the Great Scientist Reginald had other plans on his mind other than urination and defecation: he was planning on walking Doge right into the Parking Enforcement section of the Department of Transportation building and letting all hell break loose.  However, when the Great Scientist Reginald and Doge were just a block away from the Department of Transportation building, a great noise was emitted from Doge’s stomach: *RUMBLE* *GRUMBLE* *SUCH HULK* All of a sudden, Doge’s calm and fabulous demeanor became extremely hostile as his bork grew deeper and deeper.  Within a matter of seconds, Doge went from the size of a pupper to a great big doggo.  He then began crushing and smashing as many people as he could.  The Great Scientist Reginald could only watch in horror as Doge began to crush and destroy buildings in the opposite direction of the Department of Transportation.  In order to get Doge back to his original objective, he yelled out, ” You’re going the wrong way Doge!”  Doge then turned his head around and spotted his target building.  As he began thumping toward the Department of Transportation building he let out a great, giant *ROAR*!  Upon reaching the target, Doge began crushing and smashing any parking enforcement officers trying to flee.  As the Great Scientist Reginald watched with joy, Doge let out another roar: *MUST DESTROY, WOW*!  After about five minutes of absolute destruction and mayhem, the Great Scientist Reginald realized that he had yet to find an antidote to counter the aggressive effects of the Hulk Serum.  He suddenly realized that he might be responsible for the destruction of the entire city.  But just as he was about to try to call his woofer over and stop the mayhem, Doge unleashed a devastating death ray from his eyes and completely obliterated the Department of Transportation building and the next 5 buildings. *MUST DESTROY, WOW*  It was at this moment that the Great Scientist Reginald realized that he may have messed up a bit and gone a little overboard.  So, while Doge continued to wreak havoc throughout the City of Angels and its inhabitants (and parking enforcement officers), the Great Scientist Reginald decided that he should let Doge tire himself out before he attempted to bring him home.  He then made the decision to stop by the gym before going to his lab to work on the antidote; he figured that it would be a while before the antidote was done, so he should build up his strength to drag Doge home after his play time. *MUST DESTROY, WOW*


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