Wk 8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

The art project for this week was to create an abstract image through finger painting.  To be honest it had been quite a while since I had done any form of finger painting.  However, I was excited to do this art activity because I thought it would be fun and would provide me an opportunity to relax from the constant stress of my other classes.

This finger painting art project turned out to be a very fun and relaxing experience, just as I had hoped it would.  I went out and bought myself the required size paper, gathered some paint bottles from my sister, put my headphones on, closed my eyes, and let the music and feeling of the moment guide my fingers along the paper.  To be honest, this project was very much different than I was used to, but it was also easier than I expected.  Many times, I usually have something assigned to create or I at least have an idea of what I am going to do.  However, with this project, I had nothing assigned since it was suppose to be abstract art.  But this lack of assignment also proved to be quite liberating because I was able to let my mind and my inner thoughts be expressed without any boundaries and requirements.  This feeling of liberation also contributed to making the assignment easier to do.  When I compared my work to other paintings that I have seen, I saw an amazing amount of similarities between most abstract works.  For example, I saw similarities in how the paint flowed across the paper and how, even though the painting does not appear to make sense, it does make sense as a representation of the artist’s inner thoughts or their feelings in the moment of creating the work.


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