Wk 10 – Art Experience – Architecture & Urban Planning: USU Wedge

For this week’s art project, we had to decide how to redesign either the USU wedge or the FA4 wedge.  I decided to attempt to redesign the USU wedge because I am constantly in that area and struggle with the accumulation of foot traffic because of this unique design.  I admit that I am far from being artistically talented; in fact, I may be the farthest thing from it.  Throw into the mix the fact that a non-architecture/art major is trying to redesign something created by a professional architecture and you have one interesting experience.

In my design, the USU wedge is widened: the dark, wide (marble?) pillar in the middle is shortened on both sides and the bench on the inside of the wedge is removed.  I think this will greatly improve foot traffic because it will allow more people to enter at the same time, or it can be used similarly to a two-way street.  Additionally, I would be keeping the overall structure of the wedge, with slight modifications to make it more easily accessible and to reduce the amount of foot traffic.  When making my design, the only trade-off that I decided on was to trade the fondness of the struggle of walking through the wedge traffic for more room to eliminate the traffic and make it easier to walk through.  I figured that it although it may be a fun memory when you look back and remember all the times you were stuck in the middle of the traffic to walk through the wedge, it is definitely not fun when you’re actually living in the moment and you find yourself sandwiched between people waiting to walk through or accidentally bumping into people (sometimes in inappropriate places) as you walk through the wedge.  Overall, I think that most students and alumni would eventually come to accept and be thankful for this design change.  Although it may be met with some resistance at first due to the elimination of a typical and “rite of passage” experience at CSULB, I think it would be a great change that would be widely accepted.




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