Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Sergio Perez and Garrett Ramirez


This week, we were assigned to have a classmate conversation in groups of three’s.  I decided to have my conversations with Garrett and Sergio.  Even though I had previously met and done a classmate conversation with Garrett, I had not met Sergio.  Thus, we engaged in a humorous conversation.

Sergio informed me that he was in his fourth year at CSULB and was majoring in computer engineering.  When he has free time, Sergio enjoys cycling, hiking, and getting lost on YouTube.  Additionally, Sergio informed me that he works at Diamond Parking in Downtown Long Beach.  When I asked him about the job, he said that he’s basically a valet.  He told me that all he does is hang out in a booth and wait for cars to come by.  When they approach the booth, he hands them a ticket and goes and parks the car.

Although the style of classmate conversation was different, it turned out to be pretty interesting.  It was very amusing to converse with Garrett and Sergio.  Both of them are very laid back and can joke around about anything.


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