Wk 12 – Art Experience – Ethnography (Pre-Electric Cultures)



Unfortunately, I was unable to get the full experience of this project because I had a metabolism poster due for my biochemistry class.  However, if I had experienced a night without electricity, I would imagine it to be somewhat easy to do and most likely beneficial.  I think it would also be very liberating because you could allow your mind to wander and express certain thoughts because there would be no electricity to easily distract you with a phone or TV.  Quite honestly, I am usually very sleep-deprived; therefore, I imagine an electricity-free night would be beneficial in allowing me to have a full night’s rest (assuming I do not have any homework or studying to do).  I believe that living without electricity is much more harmonious and allows you to connect more with nature because you become more aware of your surroundings.  When you have a cellphone or a laptop, all you really do is make sure that the area you are in is familiar or safe (or in most cases, if it has Wi-Fi).  However, if there were no electricity, you would become more familiar with everything that was around you, such as the heat from outside, or the smell of the air outside or the shape and amount of trees outside.  You could also pay more attention to details inside a certain area, such as if a piece of furniture or a picture frame is not quite even or is crooked.  Again, I was unable to do this project because of another project; however, I imagine that living without electricity probably limits your perception of what there is to do because nowadays, time is usually spent using the internet or watching TV.  Thus, it would result in a more boring night.  I think, in the past, people occupied themselves with more physical activities such as sports or work to pass the time without electricity.  I also believe that reading actual books or newspapers contributed to living a life without electricity.  Ideally, I would definitely like to live my life more than spend time connected over the internet.  However, with how times and technology is changing, it is obvious that people are becoming much more obsessed with internet connectivity rather than actual, physical activity or spending time with people face-to-face.


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