Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Adrian Martinez


This week was our last time to have a conversation with an artist, which, I believe, means that we will not be meeting at the SOA Galleries anymore.  However, before I went to look at the different art, I decided to find a new classmate to have a conversation with.  I decided to have a conversation with Adrian.

Adrian told me that he was in his 6th year here at CSULB and is majoring in Construction Engineering.  He went to Warren High School in Downey and was born and raised in Compton.  Interestingly, he works as the assistant manager of a Sherwin-Williams paint store.  Also, he plans to work for a company called PCG after graduating.  Additionally, Adrian has a 14 year old golden retriever.  In his free time, Adrian told me that he likes to watch Netflix and watch sports.  He is a San Antonio Spurs fan.  In addition to watching TV, Adrian also enjoys hiking and playing basketball.

I enjoyed my conversation with Adrian; it was very interesting to get to know him and our conversation was filled with quite a few laughs.  Overall, Adrian is a very laid-back, but straightforward person who also enjoys making jokes and laughing.


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